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Related post: Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 04:33:37 -0700 (PDT) From: Robb M Subject: Rich's New free under age models AdventureI had been waiting for this weekend for a couple of weeks. My best bud, Steve and I were taking our girlfriends up to the lake at a nice secluded cabin owned by Steve's girlfriend's family. This was going to give me 'quality' time with my girlfriend, Stephie. We had been under age 16 porn dating for sexy under age nudist a couple months and I had fucked her a few times, but it was always a quick affair since we never had any private time together. In those times, sex was okay, nothing great, but Stephie was an incredible goddess. At 5'4" tall with long blonde hair and a body of perfection, I was the envy of just about every man in under age lollita our office. Her tits were absolutely huge and she loved to flaunt them by wearing the skimpiest outfits that would make her tits look much larger. Her ass was a dream too. It swayed and called to you with every step she took. Her pussy was fur covered and japan under age rape nicely manicured. So, lousy sex was okay since I under age creampie was dating the hottest piece of ass in town. I was hoping that the privacy of the cabin would get her to kick up her sexual activity. As for me, I am 5'10" tall with a somewhat athletic build. My short cumshot under age brownish/blondish hair matched my hazel-colored schoolgirl under age xxx eyes and I still had the boyish smile. At 28 years old, I felt that I was in my sexual prime and dating Stephie was my trophy. Although my cock is seven inches long, I really didn't think it was that impressive after seeing some of the cocks in the guy's locker room at the gym.Now Steve and Charlotte were the odd naked girls under aged pair. Steve looked just like me except for longer hair and a mischievous grin permanently etched into his face. He also carried a slight swagger in under age young pussy his attitude, which I knew how to manipulate so easily. He was hot and easily could have any girl in the office, but for some reason he chose Charlotte from the office across town. Charlotte was very plain. She was the same height and general build as Stephie, but no exceptional qualities. pic sex under age Her breasts were half the size of Stephie and she had little body curvature. She was the definition of your next-door neighbor that was always there for you, but you would never date. The one extremely appealing side of her was her English accent. That was music to my ears. We went double dating a couple of times and had a lot of fun together. It was more of the four of us rather than two couples dating. Stephie and Charlotte got along extremely well. So well, that there were times that they would throw sexual innuendoes out about the two of them doing sex together that Steve and I often wondered if they would ever carry them out. Part of this trip together was to see if the two of them would finally come through in their sexual bantering.The long trip Friday afternoon to the cabin was fairly uneventful as I drove with Steve and Charlotte in the back. I swear he was getting a hand-job the whole way. We arrived around 9:00pm and unloaded the car. By the time we got situated, we were all ready for bed... maybe not for sleeping. For some reason, I was staring across the table at Charlotte under age tits and I got lost in her soft green eyes. There was something...fiery in her that called to me. And the crazy thing was Charlotte knew what she was doing as she grinned at me endlessly. Steve broke us out of our stare and proceeded to coax us to our respective bedrooms. On the way to the under age ******** gallaries bedrooms, Steve pulled me aside and whispered," you think we can get Stephie... the girls naked?""Not sure yet..." I answered honestly. "I think Steph would go for it if Charlotte instigates it."Almost drooling with excitement, he replied back, "Charlotte was talking about going naked the whole weekend, especially getting Stephie out of her clothes."Patting me on the lollita under ages illegal back under age cuties and looking in at Steph in the bedroom, Steve bid us farewell and headed into his room with Charlotte.Well, the doors closed and the under age modles naked clothes were off and in a matter of minutes, we were fucking up a storm. I fucked Stephie good and hard and shot my juicy wad into her saturated pussy. I think she got off as she practically fell asleep before my dick was out of her. I rolled over and proceeded to fall asleep myself. Of course the action on the other side of the wall in the other bedroom was hard to ignore. Charlotte was moaning, ranting, raving and panting wildly. It was driving me wild with her accent and the sounds of sex going on. I wanted to mount Stephie again and give her another good fuck, but she was totally out. So, I stroked my under age xxx cock to the melody from the other under age girl photo room. It was short-lived as Charlotte came hard and fast. I tried to catch under age girls nude up and blow my load to her singing, but didn't make it. I decided to leave myself hard and fall asleep. I don't think I was asleep long when I felt Steph get out of bed and leave the room. She probably had to use the bathroom, but I was surprised that she went out totally naked. I waited a few moments for her to return. When she didn't return, I decided to see what was going on. I opened the bedroom door and headed into the kitchen to see Steph on her knees between Steve's legs sucking his cock. Because of the angle of the room, neither of them could see me without looking directly at me, but I had a perfect view of their entertainment. I have known Steve for almost ten years and this was the first time I ever saw under age teenage models his cock...and it was fucking my girlfriend's mouth. Something she had never favored me with; a blowjob. It was truly amazing to watch her mouth engulf his member and bounce back and forth. I wasn't mad at all... actually, I was rock-hard excited.I found myself focusing on Steve's cock as it dove deep in her mouth. It was about the same length as my meat, but it was much thinner. His cut head looked like a pink/purple mushroom. I was stroking myself listening to his pleasant moans from Steph's xxx under age anal mouth and tongue. I watched and for a moment pictured myself sucking his cock the way Steph was going to town on it. I was about to splatter on the counter when she stopped."What do you say about fucking me, sexy?" Steph begged Steve."What about Rich?" Steve nude under age models asked really guiltily."He is out cold and won't hear a damn thing." She coaxed him further while spreading her pussy lips invitingly to him.There was no man that could pass up Steph... and if she was naked and flaunting her sexuality... It was over for under age schoolgirls any prey.Since she sucked his cock to the brink, he was gravy in her hands as he joined her on the carpeted floor between her legs. He sunk his missile all the way into her with one simple stroke. He was balls deep in her cum-drenched pussy and he started under age nude pictures fucking her. She was under age porn photos gone as soon as under age porno mpg he started fucking her."Oooohhhh....fuck, fuck, fuck me, Steve!" She said rather loud.I watched him fuck my girlfriend... I watched his cock penetrate my pussy... My friend's sexy cock was invading MY girlfriend's pussy.'Wow!' I thought to myself as under age asian naked I enjoyed him fucking her.I loved it. It was incredible to see Steph having a fucking under age teen sexpics frenzy and Steve's ass-clenching fucking was actually getting me going. With legs in the air and now moaning rather loudly, Steph was getting Steve nervous about his dick inside her and that I might horny girls under age wake up, let alone, Charlotte."Shh..." he called to Steph in her vocal state. "You'll wake up Charlotte and Rich.""Oh fuck... fuck me harder, you stud." She answered back. "Don't worry about Rich.. and Charlotte may join us if she likes."That was all I could handle as I spewed my hot cum over the counter and Steve dumped his seed into Steph under age asia whores with animalistic grunts. His ass clenching was absolutely wild as his cum was buried in freeunder age porn pics Steph's hotbox."Gggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooo..." He called out."Yeeesssssssssss...ffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkk..." She came with him.I even let out a little noise as I shot my juice. It was incredible! I was so fucking hot that my cock stayed porn under age girls stiff as I watched Steve pull out of my girlfriend's freshly fucked pussy. This was the most incredible sexual sight I ever encountered. My girlfriend and my best friend totally spent in front of me after fucking each other... WOW!!!I snuck back into the bedroom, taking a moment to look in on Charlotte to see if she was awake. She was totally naked on the bed passed out. From my view, she actually looked very sexy. I got into bed just in time as Steph opened the door and slithered into bed. She reeked of pure sex. I feigned sleep but it was hard since my cock was standing at attention. Brushing it getting positioned in bed, Steph decided that she would ride me awake. She mounted my cock and sank right down on it. She gyrated her hips in a fast-rocking motion and fucked me wide-awake... but she was totally gone on her own world as she was fucking for herself... This was the most intense she ever fucked me. And to top it all off, she was leaking profusely all over my body."Fffuuuuccckkkk!" She screamed so loud that she would have woken the neighbors if we had any.Her orgasm sucked my cock clean of any cum I had nude under age teens as I shot into her."Yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh..." I let loose.She fell down onto me as my dick melted out of her pussy and we kissed passionately. We were very intimate as we kissed and sucked and she gave me her breasts to suckle..., which I gladly accepted. By far, this was the best sex we ever had.She even went down on my cock and sucked it for the very first time. And all I could think about is Steve's dick fucking her mouth. How sexy it looked and her mouth taking it all the way in... I came in a heartbeat and blew some seed into Steph's mouth.She then came up to kiss me and fill my under age sexy clips mouth with a mix of her cum, my cum... and Steve's cum had to be there as well. russian under age nudes We eventually faded to sleep.The morning was slow and groggy for everyone. After some breakfast and showers we all started to come around. It was individual showers, although I would have preferred joint showers. While Steph was in the shower, Charlotte was making comments of how loud she was the previous night."Gee Rich, under age sexygirls are you that good in bed?" she asked bluntly."Well, I hope so." I answered."Maybe I need you to under age nympho fuck me then." She retorted with Steve sitting right next to her.I wasn't sure how to take it since I just watched Steve's cock split my girlfriend's pussy. I had no vengeance on my mind, but the idea of fucking Charlotte was appealing. More so with the semi-see thru outfit she was wearing. henti kid under age She was rather plain looking but she exuded sex. I was about to brush it off when Steve replied,"Sure... and he can give your ass a little workout too."Now I was confused. Was Steve giving me the go-ahead to have sex with his girlfriend? It was too weird at the moment.Just then Steph came out of the shower in just a towel. Walking by me with devilish eyes she proceeded by Charlotte who ripped her towel right off her body. Naked and not hiding it, Steph feigned embarrassment."Damn, you are fucking hot!" Steve exclaimed."Oh yea, watch this." Charlotte kidded as she ripped off her outfit.There was under age cum shots just under aged porno panties on underneath, but they didn't last as Steph helped Charlotte remove them.There was no comparison between the girls, yet Charlotte's body screamed sex. In an under age boys almost planned motion, Steph removed Steve's under age teens babes clothes under aged pussies and Charlotte removed mine. free under age sluts After being naked, and semi-hard... I made an open ended request."Well, how about no clothes the rest of the weekend?""OK!" Charlotte said extremely excited.Hesitating, Steve and Steph agreed as they looked at each other lustfully.We proceeded the spend the day naked in and outside the russian under age cabin. The view was pristine and very private. under age porn sample We went skinny-dipping. As the day worn on, we were less and less conscious of being naked. When the beer ran out, we needed to run to the photo sex under age store a few miles down the road. Steph volunteered herself with Steve to get the beer. I was going to protest as I was really getting aroused watching three naked bodies around me. Okay, I was getting really horny and thoughts of Steve's nice cock sliding into Steph again had me getting hard. Before anything else could be said, they were out the door and driving off. It was so fast that Charlotte didn't see them go as she was in the bathroom. I explained and she laughed."They'll be gone for at least an hour.""Hour?" I said."Come on... you saw them fucking last night... do you think either of them will pass up this great opportunity to fuck each other silly?" Charlotte commented as if it was nothing.I was caught... and my cock was just about fully erect."Let me help you with under age free gallery that." Charlotte offered and she knelt between my legs and took my hard member into her bbs under age fisting mouth.I was not going to protest. I was a little concerned that I was getting a blow job from my friend's girlfriend...but if he was down the road fucking Steph, then this should be okay.Charlotte was incredible. Her head moved up and down in my lap and her tongue was giving my dick a serious workout. She was a pro at it. lesbian teen under age I enjoyed watching my cock disappear in her mouth and how she licked and stroked me as she was doing it. I thought what it would be like to give a blowjob. I had done it a couple times when I was 13 or 14 years old. It was purely experimental and I actually enjoyed it then. It was amazing how Charlotte would bring my to the brink of exploding in her mouth, then slow down... like she was toying with me. I was moaning pleasantly and trying to fuck her mouth. She worked my cock for a good ten minutes before she let my floodgates open into her mouth as I pour salty seamen into her throat."Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggg..."She sucked me dry and looked up at me as she was still kneeling between my legs. She begged to be fucked... Her whole looked begged me to absolutely fuck the living daylights out of her. I wanted to... I wanted to give her the fucking she desired."You can hold out better than Steve." She told me coyly."Thanks...""You should try sucking his dick... it's actually fun when he shoots under age teens his load." under age panties jpeg The devil's grin was on her face. "He cums quick and in quick shots."Was she offering me to suck him? Was she encouraging me to swallow his cum?"Well, you should try going down on Steph." I countered. "When she cums, she can drown you in her milky juices."Almost sizing me up and maybe even setting me up, she purred back, "I plan to..."I was getting hard again and it was time to fuck Charlotte...especially since she admitted that she was going to go down on Steph. I wanted to watch that. I picked her up, kissing her passionately and laid her on the couch. I looked at her hair-covered pussy and slightly ran my fingers through it. She was extremely wet, soaked really. I started to bring my meat though her founds getting it wet under age lust galler for the fucking... I looked up and saw the car pull up to the cabin..."Shit... they are back." I said as my dick under age porno pics wilted."So!" Charlotte said in an animalistic groan. "I need your dick and they won't care.""But...but...but..." I pulled away too afraid hot under age girls of what might happen.A little mad, Charlotte got under aged nude boys up and started into the kitchen."I promise I will fuck you anyway and everyway under age teens fucking you want tonight and tomorrow if you like."That sexy grin appeared on her face... "You better..."The other two under age bondage entered the cabin already naked. Both wearing fuck glows on their faces.Turning to Steph, Charlotte asked under age hot modeling expectantly, "Good hard fuck?""Oh yea..." she mewed contently.'Was I the only one who was na´ve to what was going on?' I thought to myself. 'Fine, I would do something totally unexpected tonight under age xxx sluts and see what happens. I was going to fuck Charlotte in front of the other two and see what happens.'Night came and dinner went. We were all feeling pretty good from the beer. We were sitting around and chatting... I kept staring at Steve's semi hard cock. It seemed to move every time Steph did something. In a move that was incredibly unexpected for me, I went between Steve's legs and took his cock into my mouth. No words were said. No nothing... I was sucking on my best friend's cock in under age nudism nudes front of both our girlfriends. In a matter of seconds I had both girls on either side of me coaxing me along. Steve was excitedly begging for more. I felt the girl's four under age pics free hands all over under age nudism pics my body, but I was totally focused on Steve's meat under age naturism pictures entering my mouth and hitting my throat. I tried to remember what Charlotte did to me and I did it to him."Hhhmmmmmm" he called from his pleasant perch.I used my hand to stroke under age asian xxx his balls as I sucked down. It felt so natural as unknown instincts guided me to suck under age teens topless on his cock. I could feel my dick so freakin hard, I thought it might explode. It was only a sexy under age girls matter of minutes when Steve unloaded."Uuuhhhhhhhhh.....aaahhhh."Just like Charlotte said, quick shots of juice sprayed my throat fast. I sucked and sucked until his under age girls fucked meat melted completely in my mouth. Pulling back, I looked at Charlotte and Steph and they looked at me as if I just won a gold medal at the Olympics."Just like you said." I said to Charlotte. "Quick shots.""Man, Rich!!!!" Steve said shaking his head. "That was fucking awesome!"After I gathered my thoughts, I felt great... It was amazing sucking on his cock and really getting into it. Now my cock needed some serious relief as it was about to explode. I lied back on the floor and the two women took turns liking my manhood. It was really intense! After a few moments I felt a new mouth on my cock and under age bald pussy looked down to see Steve returning the favor. He was rough and unskilled, but it still felt great. I lost track of Steph and Charlotte for a moment until I found them on the defloration under age couch in their own embrace, sucking each other's face."Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggg..."I blew my load into Steve's mouth as I couldn't take it anymore. A good blowjob from my bud and my girlfriend was getting it on with another girl. Steve couldn't handle the cum seduce under age as it came spitting out of his mouth. He looked worn, but still very excited. I pointed up to the girls and he came over and joined me on the floor as we watched the girl-girl show. It was intense as my girlfriend looked a little lost, but with an incredible body; and Charlotte looked like your average girl but with devilishly naughty experience. She had maneuvered down to Steph's tits under age teen pussy and was licking them like a melting ice cream cone. In a natural move, I grabbed Steve's hardening meat and slowly stroked it to the entertainment in front of us. Noticing my handiwork, Steve grabbed mine and pumped it real slow. His dick wasn't thick but it definitely felt unique in my hand. russian porn under age I went all the way to the base and back to the head feeling the veins and tender head. Steph was lying back allowing Charlotte to do as she pleased... and by this point she was moving south to Steph's well-manicured, clean pussy. When her face fell in between Steph's thighs, I thought my girlfriend was going to loose it all with the scream she omitted."Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggg...aaaaaaaaaaaa""Come on Steph...Drown my face in your hot white cum...babe!" Charlotte called to her antagonizing her.Taking the bait, Steph proceeded to fuck her pussy with Charlotte's face. Her legs were fully spread and she was getting very aggressive. The aroma, action and heat in the room was having a positive effect on me as I leaned over to Steve and told him that I was about to cum. He leaned back and said he was close too.. and under age girls pussys if I wanted to suck him again, he wouldn't stop me.Enough said... my face was in his lap and cock in my throat as I sucked fast and furious. I could modeling under age naked hear the two girls in their frenzy. Not to be disappointed, Steve shot his wad into my mouth for a second time... a lot less but still in nice squirts. I swallowed it and pulled back to watch the rest of the girl-girl action.Charlotte was going down so intently on Steph, she under aged nudes looked like a pro at pussy eating. Steph's orgasm was long intense and had her whole body shaking."Gggggggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaahhhh..."She came over and over and over... it was more like a continuous orgasm until she hit the point of about to pass out. I still had my stiff cock that needed to be addressed. I snuck up behind Charlotte and I sank my missile into her cum saturated pussy. I was fucking my best friend's girl right in front of him and I loved it.Charlotte screamed an orgasm into Steph's thighs immediately."Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm......."I didn't get a couple strokes in when I felt her pussy grab my cock and start milking it. I never felt anything like it as her under age boy nude pussy walls pulsed and grabbed my meat. There was no way to last in such an intense furnace. I blew my load into her immediately."Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss...fuck... yes..." I screamed my eruption into her.Charlotte kept slamming back into me even though I went limp. Exhausted, I collapsed onto the couch and sat dazed looking at the sex all around. Steph was semi-comatose, Steve was totally under age pictures xxx wasted and Charlotte looked ready for more. I brought her onto my lap and proceeded to finger her pussy and clit. Her orgasm was immediate. She was rather quiet vocally as she poured a gallon of cum juice over my hand and onto my lap. She came and then we fell into a serious lip lock that last several minutes. When we broke apart, Steve and Steph were nowhere to be found... well, not in the living area."Let's go fuck the night away." Charlotte whispered in my ear.I wanted more of her pussy and happily lead her to my bedroom. It was obvious where the other two were as I could hear Steve grunting into Steph. Climbing into bed, we immediately found ourselves in a 69 merrily eating each other.I had no idea where all the energy was coming from for all the sex I was experiencing. The more positions I got into with Charlotte, the more stamina I gained. I was under age girlsxxx fucking her under age tgp in just about every known position and I was still holding a very hard cock to give to her. It had to be over an hour of steamy sex before we heard Steph and Steve crash. But Charlotte was still going. Giving me her ass, she said she was ready for an anal invasion. Getting up doggie-style, I placed my extremely cum-soaked slippery cock at the entrance to her backside and pushed. It took a second until it let go and in I went. Tighter than her incredible pussy, her ass grabbed my dick for all it was worth. Her screams into the pillow were only slightly muffled as she bucked me under age schoolgirl sex relentlessly. No doubt about it, she was going to get my seed in her ass in seconds.She came before me squeezing her ass tightly as she did."Ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..."I lost it as well and gave her what was under age teen strip left in my tank."Mmmmmmmmmm....fffffffffuckkkkkkkk..."With the last pound into her under age lolas nude ass and melting onto the bed, my wilting cock oozed out of her ass and we crawled into a comfortable sleeping position. Just before I fell asleep, Charlotte whispered in my ear,"Wouldn't this be great every night?"Then she was asleep... I faded as well.The next morning was playful and entertaining as we ate breakfast and went for a hike around the lake. We brought clothes not knowing if we would run into anyone but as the day wore on, under age nude models no one was seen. So, the clothes came off and we had a little fuck session on the other side of the lake. It was just us fucking our girlfriends on the side of the lake. We ate a late lunch and headed back the cabin. Needing naps, we all headed to the bedrooms, Charlotte took me and Steph took Steve. under age shaved pussy A quickie and we were out like a light.I awoke to Charlotte sucking my dick aggressively. It was so pleasant I feigned sleep and didn't open my eyes. Being a little harsher and my cock rather raw, it felt a little tender until I erupted a nice stream of hot cum. I opened my eyes to say good morning, but found Steve was the one milking my under age loloitas dick dry. This time he swallowed all the juice. He smiled at me and whispered that he owed me that one. With his hand still on my dick and his other over under age sexstories his mouth shhing me, he lead me out to the living area and to the window out to the picnic table to free xxx under age find the women engaged in a passionate 69. Steph was on top and she was eating Charlotte's pussy furiously... It was like an intoxicating candy to her the way she devoured her flower. I was at immediate thickness watching the women going at it in the great outdoors. They were totally out in the open for anyone to see in total rapture. Not that anyone would see, but it was so...natural... with the lake as the background. I got under age defloration my camera from my bag and snapped several pictures. This was perfect jerking off images I could use later. Steph never let me take nude pictures of under age porn download her before, but now, she was so lost between Charlotte's legs, and I doubted she would care. As I bent over to get a better shot, I felt Steve's bone on my leg. He was idly humping his hand and my leg helped the sensation further. I wasn't sure if I was ready for more exploration, but if he wanted to hump my leg and the crack of my ass, I wasn't going to stop him. As if reading my mind he brought his manhood to the crack free under age girls of my ass and started humping. I let him do it freely as the two women were totally lost in powerful orgasms. It was only seconds, but his balls emptied on my under age pree teens ass. He let a serious moan escape as his cum coated over my ass. I finished my picture taking and went to hide the camera. Steve sat satisfied on the couch. And the girl, I thought were coming into the cabin. Wrong... They were gone and off into the lake skinny-dipping. I went down to the lake to join them and they were at it again...sucking face and humping each other in waist-deep water. I entered the water behind Steph and slid my cock into her. She pushed back accepting my dick but never breaking her lover's lock under age nude images with Charlotte. Gripping her hips and pumping her pussy, I proceeded to give her a strong water fuck while Charlotte was spoiling her.Moans came from all three of us as under aged russians nude we shared sex together in the lake. I emptied my steamy cum into Steph triumphantly. It felt so different fucking Steph. Not only for being in the lake, but she was much more under age blonde jpg sexually involved. I looked into Charlotte's eyes and saw a desire gleam. She was lusting after Steph and myself AND she was not hiding it at all. Both women came again in the water and we made our way back to the cabin to find Steve passed out on the floor with his dick in hand and sticky cum on his stomach.The three of us laughed under aged naked teens and headed to the bedroom where we all fell asleep on the bed in under age female my bedroom... no sex... just sleep with two hot, sex-exhausted, women.The next morning I found myself alone in bed. I was still unbelievably tired. I dragged myself out the living area to find the other three in the same exhausted state and idly chatting. Charlotte was openly playing under age tiny pussy with her pussy as they talked. I joined the conversation and chilled out for a while. The four of us looked like naked bumps on a log the way we moved so lethargically. I don't think any of us had any sex left in us... well, maybe Charlotte, she clearly was a nymph. Finally getting a move on, we all started to clean up and get ready to head home. Steve went out to pack the car and Steph headed to the shower. Charlotte dragged me into the bedroom with a soft wet kiss and then went down on me for a lightning fast blowjob. I had no energy other under age pic 3d than to lie back and enjoy it. She was swallowing my cum in under a minute. Damn, she was good!Finally teen pussy under age we were in the car heading home. Each of us had a new appreciation of each other and I had two new sex buddies.
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